We did it! NEOM is now a Certified B Corporation!

Proud to be B Corp

Becoming a B Corp was a natural next step for us and we are thrilled to have joined the other +5000 global businesses that are now B Corp certified. Imagine a world where all businesses work together to support a collective vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative future… well that is what B Corp businesses do. Becoming a B Corp isn’t just about a certification… It's a global movement of companies that go beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world. 

To reach certification, we undertook the BIA assessment which, in a 360° approach, digs deep intoyour business to ensure you are meeting high standards of social & environmental impact, accountabilityand transparency on brilliant things like our employee benefits, charitable giving & supply chain practices. Across 5 impact areas companies need to score at least 80 points to submit their assessment, we feel immensely proud to have completed our assessment with 88 points

This seal of approval means everything to us as we keep-on-keeping-on with those small sustainable steps that make a big difference every single day!

For total transparency about our score assessment, please find us in the B Corp Directory here.