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Calming Essential Oils To Help Prepare For Sleep

We are passionate about improving sleep, and our collection of essential oils boasts scents to calm the senses and maximize your sleep prep. You can use our aromatherapy sleep oils to help soothe the mind and encourage a good night’s sleep. For those who enjoy a long soak in the tub before bed, our bathing essential oils will be just the thing to help you drift off. For the ultimate bedtime treat, pair our blends with a matching sleep candle to feel the full effects of the oils. 

The Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend combines the classic scent of lavender, with calming jasmine and patchouli. Together these oils are known to calm the mind and help relax the body - leaving you prepared for peaceful slumber. Use either in the bath or shower, in a carrier oil, or even as a sleep diffuser. If lavender essential oils aren’t to your taste, encourage relaxation with our Bedtime Hero oil. A blended essential oil of chamomile, ylang ylang, and cedarwood. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed after a sleep with these three!

Aromatherapy Blends To Help Uplift And Energise 

Wellbeing doesn’t stop at sleep, and our essential oil blends don’t either! Our range of 16 aromatherapy blends contains scents to boost your energy and mood. You’ll feel revitalized with essential oils boasting uplifting citrus scents, and invigorating woody tones. Ideal to indulge in after a long day for a moment of selfcare and to help relieve stress.

Luxury Essential Oil Blends for Diffusers

Encapsulate yourself in the scents of our essential oil blends by using them in an  electric diffuser. Our diffusers: the Wellbeing PodWellbeing Pod Luxe, and Wellbeing Pod Mini are perfectly paired with our scented oils. Simply choose your desired Essential Oil Blend and diffuse. Both our original Pod and Pod Luxe work by adding drops to the water tank, whilst our Pod Mini is waterless and the Oil Blend bottle simply screws in. Some of our Diffuser Oils are also now available in supersized 30ml bottle for an even longer lasting wellbeing boost.

Achieve Your Wellbeing Goals with NEOM

Using the wellbeing powers of aromatherapy our collection of CandlesReed Diffusers, and natural Skincare are designed to boost your daily and nightly routines. Not only are they great for treating yourself but they make for thoughtful gifting too. Treat yourself or a loved one friend to a moment of relaxation today.