Let's Talk About Face Oil

It’s time to embrace the oil! We think everyone should give natural face oil a go, so we busted some of the most common myths.

Let's Talk About Face Oil

It’s time to embrace the oil! We think everyone should give natural face oil a go, so we busted some of the most common myths.

Have you spent your skin care journey reaching for products that say ‘oil free’? Are you addicted to the indulgent feeling of a thick moisturising cream, yet still suffer from dehydrated skin? It might be time to rethink, as a natural face oil could be the most valuable switch-up you make to your skin care routine. C’mon, let’s talk about it…

Will a natural face oil make my breakouts worse?

Nope, the right natural oil will IMPROVE oily skin, and help to clear up acne. BUT HOW? Look out for natural oils that contain jojoba or grapeseed in their blend, like our Great Day Glow Face Oil. Jojoba actually breaks down acne-causing sebum, and grape seed clears up excess oil on your skin, so you’re left with a matte finish, rather than greasy. “Oils can actually help to stabilise and regulate the overproduction of sebum" says Beauty journalist, Chanelle Ho. So, say it with us: oils don’t have to be greasy!

Will I be left with excess oil on my skin?

Going to bed sticky-faced with product is – trust us – not necessary for nourished skin. Oils like sunflower oil which is very high in vitamin E, traps moisture and keeps skin well hydrated. A well made, effective face oil should sink into your skin creating a protective barrier that doesn’t have to be felt to be believed. A few other upsides of oils include: lightweight but effective protection and unclogged pores cleaned-out pores. Look for jojoba in particular for pore unclogging, this oil is lightweight and does not clog pores (non-comedogenic), encourages restoration of collagen and is rich in omega chain fatty acids and vitamin E which protects from free radicals and environmental factors. And oils high in antioxidants like sweet orange oil (found in our Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil) for protective, antiseptic, toning and anti-inflammatory qualities. Ideal for acne-prone skin.

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Don’t I need a cream for my dry skin?

Unless you have a more serious need (like eczema for example), chances are the skin on your face isn’t dry, it’s DEHYDRATED. And yes, there’s a big difference. Dry skin has a lack of oil, whereas dehydrated skin has a lack of hydration. So to combat everyday, annoying flakiness and tightness, you should be looking for an emollient like almond oil or meadowfoam seed oil. These natural wonders sink into the skin and LOCK IN the moisture that’s already there, rather than just sitting on top like a cream. You should also look out for oils containing fatty acids – coconut, wheat germ and almond oils are all rich in these, and they’re great for conditioning both dry and dehydrated skin.

Does natural skin care work for anti-ageing?

You’ve probably heard of retinol or retinoids, if anti-ageing is a skin concern. And guess what? They’re found in vitamin A. There’s also vitamin E, which again help blocks free radicals from reducing your skin’s elasticity and causing it to age in appearance. And it just so happens that almond oil is super rich in both of these, while wheat germ oil is one of the highest vitamin E content oils you can get, naturally. So we say the natural route is well worth trying.

As well as carrot seed and rosehips oils, broccoli seed, apricot kernel, peach kernel, avocado and baobab oils are NEOM's favourite sources of natural retinol. Rich in vitamin A and with high carotenoid content that protects skin from things like UV rays, pollution and stress, the Ultimate Calm range includes both baobab and avocado oils to ensure skin stats soft, supple and shielded from external aggressors.


Why should I switch to an oil, though?

There are a few benefits you might not even have thought of, in switching to an oil rather than sticking to a cream or lotion. All our natural face oils blend natural active ingredients with our exclusive fragrance blends, and taking a moment to apply the oil to cupped hands before inhaling deeply, gives you a restorative moment of aromatherapy, and who doesn’t need that? Also, the act of massaging in the oil has a wealth of extra benefits, lifting tension and having skin conditioning effects in itself.

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