The Science Behind Our NEW Overnight Facial Cream

Our Product Director, Louise explains all about our latest launch…

The Science Behind Our NEW Overnight Facial Cream

Want to know more about our latest new launch? Who better to ask than our super knowledgeable Product Director, Louise. From the initial starting point and ingredient formulation, right through to the texture, scent and finished product, here she tells us everything…

The Inspiration

“As a brand with such heritage in ‘sleep rituals’ and who highlight the importance of sleep on the way we look and feel, it made perfect sense that we developed a product that not only supported the preparations for good sleep, but also worked hard throughout the night to replenish and hydrate your skin,” says Louise. “Another inspiration for this product was the fact lockdown has changed our approach to beauty in so many ways. We’re less invested in makeup and more aware of our skin texture thanks to endless video calls. Skincare regimes have also become a simplistic self-care ritual where we aren’t just looking for products which deliver results, but ones which have additional qualities such as the texture and scent to give an overall experience that can help ignite a sense of calm and relaxation,” adds Louise who also acknowledges that our skin is our biggest organ so it’s crucial we take good care of it.

The Process

“Just as we are with any new product, we were really clear about what we wanted to deliver and with skincare, it has to be visible results. For NEOM, it also has to be how the product makes you feel, so the sensorial aspect was also key. The aim was a potent night cream which would make your skin look as though you’d enjoyed 12 hours of sleep – even if you hadn’t. To deliver this, we knew it had to be intensely hydrating, be able to brighten, revive and restore tired and dull-looking skin and also provide a plumping effect too.

Once we’d finalised our vision, we teamed up with the very best formulators who had a wealth of expertise when it comes to skincare. “The longest part of the process was evaluating the ingredient combinations which took plenty of revisions to get right,” says Louise. “This took well over a year and was tested internally by multiple people before then going through rigorous external independent testing with over 100 people.”

The Ingredients

We’re all becoming far more aware of the ingredients inside our skincare and what benefits they can bring. We’re also a lot more clued up about which ingredients suit our skin type. With this in mind, we knew we had to get this just right. “We looked for ingredients that could really deliver our claims,” says Louise. “We started with hyaluronic acid to help increase hydration as well as ceramides to support our natural skin barrier and help to lock in moisture. Cica and magnesium help to give the cream its calming and soothing properties and we also used rosehip seed oil which is a great source of essential fatty acids and helps to maintain elasticity for supple and healthy-looking skin. This little pot certainly packs a punch!”

The Texture

The best results from any skincare product always comes from consistent use. It doesn’t matter how good the ingredients are if they aren’t being used every day on your skin, so it was imperative we created a formula which you enjoyed using. “The texture of this cream is incredibly luxurious. It glides over the skin and absorbs quickly,” says Louise. We were pleased to learn that 90% of those who trialed it, agreed that it was a joy to apply. Mission accomplished on that front…

The Scent

It wouldn’t be a NEOM product without a great scent and this part of the development was in fact the easiest part for us. “Our 100% natural Perfect Night’s Sleep scent is blended with pure essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and patchouli and is already a proven winner when it comes to creating a sense of calm before bed,” says Louise. “It was a no-brainer that we would use this to set a delicate backdrop on your skin before you drift off.”

The Benefits

The aim was to recreate the look of a good night’s sleep but also boost your skin’s overall health in the long run and that is exactly what we’ve achieved. “Thanks to the powerful ingredients we chose, this really is the ultimate overnight facial,” adds Louise. 85% of those who trialed it for us can vouch for this and agreed their skin looked like they’ve had 12 hours sleep when they woke up the next day. “Not only does it give up to 48 hours of hydration, it also visibly plumps and firms the skin. If you suffer with signs of fatigue in your skin through stress of poor sleep, this works wonders for soothing, repairing and reviving your complexion by giving a welcome radiance boost. Prone to breakouts and irritation? You’ll be pleased to know this gentle formula is also well suited to sensitive skin types too. If you aren’t already sold, the calming scent also helps you to unwind before bed and 90% of those who took part in our pre-launch testing said they had a better night’s sleep.