Your Guide to Natural Ingredient Skin Care

Go beyond the buzzwords and become an expert in naturals, and what they can do for your skin.

Your Guide to Natural Ingredient Skin Care

We are (obviously) all about natural ingredients, we HEART naturals in fact! And it’s a subject close to our hearts – our founder Nicola is a trained aromatherapist and nutritionist. But you don’t have to have a qualification to know what’s going to work for YOUR skin and wellbeing. We sifted through the big wide world of naturals to demystify the active ingredients that rock, whatever your skin needs and put it into a guide for you.

Almond Oil

What can we say about almond oil apart from AMAZING? It’s soothing, softening, healing and packed with vitamins. You’ve probably heard of retinol, zinc and vitamin E - almond oil has them in spades. Which means soothing (and even reversal) of sun damage, smoother fine lines and reduction in appearance of scarring.

Let’s break it down…

Anti-drying: Almond oil is an emollient, which means it locks moisture into the skin. That’s why we used it in our Wonder Balm, for when you need a little help on extra dry areas.

Anti-inflammatory: Puffiness, be gone!. Our Great Day Face Wash has almond oil in it for this very reason!

Anti-acne: Yes, you can use an oil to help acne. Almond oil has a high fatty acid content, which breaks down the excess oil on your skin. The same retinoids that slow the effects of ageing also come into play here – increased cell turnover helps with the appearance of acne AND ageing. It easily penetrates skin and is great for cleaning out the dirt and oil that accumulates in your pores. This process can prevent blackheads and acne from developing.

Try our Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm for removing makeup and daily grime, while helping any skin woes.

Soothing and smoothing: Damage to your skin, whether from the sun or stretch marks and scarring, is helped no end by the vitamin E in almond oil. For this, we love our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, a real body care hero.

Face Wash Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Wonder Balm

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Wondering how to take care of dry skin naturally? Beauty junkies might be aware of this ingredient already, but for the uninitiated, it’s GREAT for combatting dryness. Like almond oil it’s an emollient, so it really helps skin retain its moisture. It’s rich in nutrients like essential fatty acids and vitamin E and C. Moisturising and antioxidant rich, regenerates, rejuvenates and contains omega 6 and 9. It naturally helps your skin to effectively form a barrier to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into your skin,

In short, your GLOW lasts longer, and tight, dry skin is left so soft. We put this in our Great Day Face Serum and Oil for those exact reasons.

great day glow skincare

Hyaluronic Acid

We’re betting you’ve probably heard of this ingredient – it’s had a (deserved) boost in popularity thanks to its plumping, moisturising properties. Our natural HA is derived from wheat, corn and yeast, it keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin. It has the ability to replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin. At the same time, it revitalizes skin's outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Turmeric Root Extract

Allow us to introduce you to this absolute hero of anti inflammatory skin care. For that natural glow! It is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and revives skin. You’ll most likely find a few natural products for rosacea that contain turmeric, because the same anti inflammatory properties that make it great for health are also great at calming redness, and clearing up breakouts. Turmeric is centre stage in our Great Day Glow range.

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Sweet Orange Oil

While we’re on the subject of antioxidants… it might sound like a cocktail ingredient but sweet orange oil is wonderful for fighting free radicals. These nasty molecules are the ones you don’t want arriving on your skin – they weaken its suppleness and lead to a dull, tight appearance. Free radicals are unfortunately unavoidable thanks to pollution, chemicals and cigarette smoke, but enter antioxidants, to fight them off! When it’s used overnight in our Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil, it’s extra hard working.

Body butterCoconut Oil

Fatty acids, moisturising properties, a healing boost? Your skin loves coconut oil. Our Magnesium Body Butters and Bath Foams have a healthy dose of this natural skin saviour for its incredible ability to soften skin, clear clogged pores and smooth out damage. It’s anti inflammatory too, so even if you’re prone to breakouts you can go ahead and enjoy.

Wheat Germ Oil

This ingredient is HIGH PERFORMANCE and another natural hydrator, this oil is rich omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins A, D, B, antioxidants and fatty acids and vitamin E, in fact it’s this super-high vitamin E content that makes it so great for skin, fighting free radicals, helping to reduce UV damage, and soothing dry areas naturally. You’ll find your skin is left with a lovely even tone too, try it in our Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil or our Great Day range.

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Argan Oil

Loved for centuries in Morocco, argan oil is a great place to start in any natural skin care journey. It’s a fabulous moisturiser (thanks to vitamin E), and it’s great at calming rosacea and acne. And again, even though it’s an oil, it will regulate sebum on your skin thereby making is LESS oily in texture. We couldn’t mention argan oil without covering its healing properties as well – like so many of our favourite oils it’s great at battling free radical damage from the sun and other pollutants, but it’s also antibacterial so helps treat and prevent wounds and infections. We love it so much it’s in all our Body Lotions and Great Day Body Oil.

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