A Step By Step Guide To Our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

And why it’s the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day…

A Step By Step Guide To Our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

Not yet tried our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle? Let Valentine’s Day be the moment you give it a go. Whether you’re looking for a well-deserved treat for a loved one or perhaps a gift to yourself, this candle (which then melts and can be poured on to your skin) is most definitely the answer. It not only brings plenty of benefits to both your skin and overall wellbeing, but it also gives an evening of bliss. Whilst we love dinner out and time in the spa, this jug of heaven really is one of the most thoughtful, relaxing, and intimate gifts you can give. Here’s how to use yours...

1. Set The Scene

“Undeniably one of the best ways you can guarantee a relaxing evening is by creating a peaceful and calm environment,” says our expert Education Manager, Sam Turner. “To me, this is a tidy(ish) house, warm, dim lighting and my favourite Spotify playlist on low in the background but do whatever helps you to feel relaxed in your own home.

2. Light The Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

There’s something very comforting about lighting a candle and this one in particular is a firm favourite for so many reasons. We have two to choose from depending on your mood or preferred scent. “The Real Luxury one comes from our Scent To De-Stress collection and welcomes a soothing fragrance of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood,” says Sam. “We also have our Perfect Night’s Sleep one which is a go-to for those who struggle to drift off at night. It’s been blended with our signature sleepy scent of lavender, jasmine and sweet basil.” Whichever you decide, take it to your bathroom and light.

3. Run A Bath (With Our Bath Foam Of Course)

Next up, turn the attention to you. “A bath works wonders for helping you to unwind and feel instantly more at ease – especially if you’ve had a busy day,” says Sam. “If you’ve not yet tried our Real Luxury Bath Foam, it’s blended with de-stressing essential oils to really help you to let any tension lift. My best advice is to always soak for at least 20 minutes and be sure to inhale this beautiful scent and absorb the power of the essential oils,” she adds.

4. Blow Out The Candle And Allow To Cool For A Few Minutes

After 30 minutes, blow out the candle. “Wait a few minutes so the wax of the candle liquifies and pools. You’re then good to use.,” says Sam.

5. Pour The Oil On To Yours (Or Theirs) Skin

“Alongside the pure essential oils, this candle has been cleverly formulated with skin-loving ingredients such as baobab and jojoba oil which are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids to really help soften, nourish and hydrate your skin,” says Sam. “Once the oil has cooled, it can be poured directly onto skin,” she adds. There’s no need to panic about burning as this candle has a low melting point. You’ll find the warmth of the oil really comforting – especially after a soak in the bath. Rest assured that the oil will also slowly soak into your skin and there’s no need for rinsing off or for worrying about ruining any nightwear or bedsheets.

6. Massage In

Whether you’re massaging this into your own skin or perhaps using with your partner, be sure to focus solely on this moment to help clear your mind and really reap the rewards. “The ultimate relaxation stroke are long, soothing strokes using the whole flat of your hands,” says Sam. “For deeper muscle work, knead the tissue like bread by focusing on the muscle. You do not want to apply any deep pressure to the bones so identify where they are and work around them. A good rule of thumb is to remember to work with the body and not against it. If you feel the muscle tighten up, relax the pressure. Hold your compressions for longer than you normally would to allow the muscles to fully loosen. Use your thumbs in a circular motion when you can feel tension knots and gently increase as you work them out. Always finish with a soothing stroke using the palm of your hands,” she adds.

7. Take Your Time

There’s absolutely no need to rush this ritual. Keep your head in relaxation mode whether you’re massaging yourself, giving a massage or are on the receiving end. Another top tip? Be sure to work slowly and rhythmically around the body and don’t dart from one area to the next. “For an uninterrupted massage, make sure you have everything you need nearby. Leave your phone out of sight and on silent and be sure to pick music you (or both of you) love.” For comfort, try placing a pillow under their ankles and using one for their face of neck when they’re lying face down. If facing up, place under their knees.”