Five Favourites To Boost Your Mood This Month

Banish those January blues with these uplifting must-haves…

Five Favourites To Boost Your Mood This Month

Feeling a bit blue and in need of a pick-me-up? These uplifting must-haves will certainly do the trick...


1. NEW Wellbeing Toolkit Journal

January brings the ideal opportunity to reset and start a fresh and if there’s one habit we’d encourage to help with your mindset, it’s journaling. Simply set asides five minutes a day every day to record your intentions, feelings, to-dos and reflections and consider this your personalised wellbeing toolkit. Try before bed and you’ll be surprised at just how much better you sleep after clearing any thoughts.


2. Great Day Body Scrub

Long-standing NEOM fans will be glad to know our much-loved Body Scrub is back, but if you’re yet to experience the magic, let this be your chance. Expertly formulated with organic sugar, vitamin E and natural oils, it is a must-have for those wanting smoother, softer skin. The refreshing scent of wild mint and mandarin will most definitely put a spring in your step too.


3. Happiness Candle

We may be biased but there’s nothing quite like lighting a candle to create a moment of comfort and our Happiness one is a firm favourite. Not only will the scent of neroli, mimosa and lemon fill any space within minutes, each candle harnesses the power of pure essential oils to give your wellbeing a boost and spark feelings of positivity – something we could all do with right now.


4. Super Shower Power Body Cleanser

Struggling to get going on these cold, dark mornings? We know the feeling. New to the family last year, this invigorating body wash works wonders for waking you up thanks to the invigorating blend of spearmint and eucalyptus. It’s also packed with moisturising oat milk and coffee extract to hydrate and smooth your skin too.


5. Uplifting Hand Balm

Excessive hand washing and regular use of sanitiser has left most of us with even drier hands again this winter, but thankfully we’ve got just the answer. With rich cocoa and shea butter, this extra nourishing formula helps to counteract dryness and restore moisture, but the mood-boosting (and all-natural) scent will also lift your spirits.