How Author Giselle La Pompe-Moore Finds Her Feel Good

Being present and feeling more’ is Giselle's mantra, here’s how listening to her body has helped her find inner joy…

How Author Giselle La Pompe-Moore Finds Her Feel Good

Here at NEOM, we’re all about embracing those small everyday steps that make a BIG difference to your overall wellbeing. ‘Finding Your Feel Good’ is a series where we chat to women about the little moments in their day that bring them the most joy. Below, we talk to author and slow living advocate Giselle La Pompe-Moore

My Work Is All About Challenging The Status Quo

“I consult with brands and businesses on ‘slow living’ which is essentially the idea of doing less while being present and feeling more. When we slow down and reject the idea of “hustle culture,” we’re able to remember what it means to be human and see how lucky we are to experience life. There are no two days that are the same for me. Being self-employed, I own my own time, which I'm incredibly grateful for but it can also be stressful and I've also had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to be able to live the life that I want to live.”

Every Morning I Set An Intention

“I like to have a very slow morning, and I’ll always set an intention – no matter how small. I find that it helps to take the pressure off having a really big, ongoing focus. So I make one promise to myself and say “just for today.” It might be something like… “just for today, I will try and hydrate more,” but the idea of setting a daily promise is important for me to feel balanced.

Becoming Self-Employed Was A Risk

“When I was working in 9-to-5 situations I knew that I was trying to force myself into something that didn’t feel good so then when I stepped into being self-employed I realised that I don't have to work to these rhythms anymore. I'm currently writing my first novel which is a love letter to the beauty and complexity of female friendships. It’s about belonging and choosing to live a life that goes against the grain. My desk which I write on is a sacred space for me, so I use the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini and alternate oils which help me relax into writing or feel more energised.”

I Try To Always Focus On Being Present

“I like to pull one of the Breath Practice Cards by Rebecca Moore in the morning and when I'm on the sofa unwinding. I'm all about peppering in these small moments of being, so even if I'm watching TV or reading, I'll pause for a few minutes to do one of these breathing practices.”

Wherever I Go, I Always Take My Journal With Me

“A lot of my work is really just about witnessing and observing people, life and nature – so when I'm not physically “looking like” I'm working (either on my laptop or writing), I’m usually found out in the world, observing things, taking notes and then I’ll come back home and create it into a piece of writing or talk or a piece of art.”

I’m A Big Fan Of YouTube Cardio Dance Sessions

“I have a playlist filled with old school aerobic music and I love just jumping up and down dancing. While I’m very aware of all the benefits exercise has, I physically can't move my body unless it brings me joy in some way – so dancing is perfect for that. I also love yoga or just going for a really long walk around my local park.”

I Don’t Leave Home Without My NEOM Calming Pen

“Not only does this ward off weird public transport smells, but it helps to bring me into a presence – as I like to people watch when I'm out and about, this gets me into that mental space.” Get yours here.

Balance Is Key To Wellbeing

“I know that slow mornings are really beneficial for me. But I also love staying up until 1am sometimes. I have no issue with a late-night scroll or TV watching. I want to make the most of this human experience and I'm not going to berate myself for that the next day. I’ll just start fresh and move back into my routine and focus on being more balanced. I always try to meet myself with compassion.”

My Bedside Table Is Very Well Stocked

“I have lots of things on my bedside table that help me to relax and wind down for sleep – meaning that I’d probably find it hard to sleep over at someone else's house spontaneously! I take some Trip Wild Mint & Chamomile CBD Oil drops before bed or when I'm feeling anxious, to help me to ease into the night time. I like to shuffle through Hack Your Nervous System Cards by Brianna Rose when I'm feeling frazzled or need a moment to reconnect to myself. And I always have Aquaphor for my lips and Ross Barr Calm and Sleep Patches on my bedside table too. Having a really stocked bedside table just helps me to feel really safe and at home.”

Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit

  1. Walks in my local park to connect to nature, look at the birds and spend time under the trees. A great way to remind yourself how lucky we are to live here on Earth is to watch life go by and give your mind some space for ideas and intuitive wisdom to pour in.
  2. Sleep eye-masks to deepen your meditation practice and help if you feel distracted (only if it feels safe and comfortable for you to have your eyes closed).
  3. ⁠Journaling is the cheapest wellness hack and one of the most powerful.
  4. ⁠Solo dance parties to move your body with joy and release emotions.
  5. It’s endlessly boring and obvious but: hydration. Sometimes when we're feeling rough, our bodies are just crying out for more water. We're made of the stuff, the planet is and all living beings are; drinking water is a way to feel that interconnectedness.