How Content Creator Danielle Peazer Finds Her Feel Good

Slower days and ritualistic routines have helped Danielle prioritise herself (and her baby) throughout her first pregnancy…

How Content Creator Danielle Peazer Finds Her Feel Good

Here at NEOM, we’re all about embracing those small everyday steps that make a BIG difference to your overall wellbeing. ‘Finding Your Feel Good’ is a series where we chat to women about the little moments in their day that bring them the most joy. Below, we talk to Danielle Peazer – content creator and founder of PAUSE By Danielle Peazer – a wellbeing and fitness app…

I’m Currently 8 Months Pregnant So Looking After Myself Is Even More Of A Priority

“I take pride in some daily rituals, such as my morning and evening skincare routine - something I’ve taken time on for years and noticed not only aesthetic but also mental benefits. I also make sure I make my bed everyday and turn on my electric diffuser as a non negotiable. The familiarity of the NEOM Orange Blossom & Neroli Essential Oil Blend now represents the start of a new day for me and helps get me in the right mindset.”

Planning My Week Is Crucial

“I work with brands in creating content based on product launches or campaigns that are relevant to the audience I have gained over the last decade. I often work on several projects in one day and find my brain works best when it has a few different ideas to switch between rather than spending an entire day on just one thing. Timelines can change and the demand for content or amends can be overwhelming at times. If I feel like things are getting too hectic I go through my to do list and reorder depending on what needs to be done first. The satisfaction in ticking off things on a to do list is so great!”

As Soon As I Wake Up, I Have A Cup Of Hot Lemon, Fresh Ginger & Honey

“I love taking the time each morning to make it and it helps wake me up calmly and prepare for the day ahead. I used to drink breakfast tea first thing in the morning, but it left me feeling sluggish. I also try to move my body an adequate amount. Nowadays it’s more low impact stretching and walking due to pregnancy, however if I have the energy I will do a pre-natal body weight workout for 15-20 minutes.”

I’ve Always Loved Music & Dancing

“I was a professional dancer for 10+ years and moving my body to music still allows me to really shift energy and feel better in myself. Things have changed slightly now that I’m 8 months pregnant, but you’ll still usually find me having a daily little dance along while I’m doing bits around the house or making dinner. Not only is it a mood-booster but it’s a good way to stay active without having to commit to an actual “workout”.”

My Mind Works Best In The Evening

“It’s not unusual for me to be on my laptop from 5-10pm, it’s when I find myself being more creative mentally and my focus is much sharper than first thing in the morning. This can sometimes mean I’m awake until midnight by the time I’ve wound down but as I don’t need to be up and in an office for 8am it’s a routine that works for me. I love the NEOM diffusers, both electric and reed diffusers and find lots of comfort in lighting my Feel Good Vibes Candle in the evening whilst I work on my laptop from the sofa.”

My Pre-Bedtime Routine Isn’t As Good As I Feel It Could Be

“I do try to have a bath or do a face mask as a moment of self care at least once a week. I’m in bed at around 11pm but may stay up for an hour or so either editing or catching up on missed WhatsApp messages from friends. I love buying new books but need to get more disciplined in reading them, I’ve started so many but am yet to finish them!”

Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit

  1. My daily hot water, fresh lemon and ginger with honey.
  2. NEOM Feel Good Vibes Candle.
  3. Pre-pregnancy I loved going to boxing classes and reformer Pilates classes and can’t wait to revisit after birth. It’s a great stress relief.
  4. I listen to music daily and switch up my playlists depending on my current mood.
  5. I regularly save quotes from social media into a folder on my phone, mainly from Instagram and Pinterest. I find it therapeutic to reflect on them and save different ones as my phone wallpaper depending on what I want to remind myself or boost my confidence.