Six Things Our Founder Nicola Elliott Does To Find Her Feel-Good

From getting outside and mood-boosting foods to daily journaling, prioritising sleep and of course a daily toolkit overflowing with NEOM products, Nicola shares her tried and tested top tips...  

Six Things Our Founder Nicola Elliott Does To Find Her Feel-Good

The biggest thing for us at NEOM has always been about helping to boost your wellbeing but our current mission is all about helping you to find what makes you feel good. What are the small steps that help to make a BIG difference? If you’re in need of a little inspo, here our founder Nicola shares six things she swears by for brightening her mood...

1. Eating My Greens And Good Mood Food

I very much live by the 80/20 rule with most things but certainly when it comes to nutrition. One book that I’ve found super interesting is The Farm Table by Julius Roberts. A chef and first-generation farmer, he talks all about seasonal cooking and eating produce in line with the seasons which is said to be really good for your immunity since this is when produce is at its most nutritious. The recipes are simple and easy to make which gets another big tick from me. Do check him out on Instagram too - @juliusroberts.

I’m also mindful to try and cram in those 30 different plants a week so I make my own ‘everything green’ soup where I chuck in any vegetables I have. I do find pea and mint really lifts it and I’ll use chicken broth and crème fraiche for extra protein which helps to keep me full.

2. Getting Outside And Riding My Horse

Fresh air really does work wonders for making me feel good and my favourite past time ever is riding my horse Obi. Half of my week I live in Yorkshire and now the weather is better and the evenings are lighter, I can really indulge in this one. Going out hacking with some friends and our horses for a good gallop is just the best feeling and certainly fills up my cup.

3. Making Sleep A Priority

If you’re a long-standing NEOM fan or have been following me for some time, you’ll know I’m a big advocate of a Perfect Night’s Sleep as sleep really is the gateway to better wellbeing and to feeling (and looking!) our best. It’s also one of the best things we can do to help regulate our mood. Generally, I’m a pretty good sleeper but I do have to set asides time to properly wind down. Work-wise, there’s so much exciting stuff going on at NEOM, but I do try my best to say no to screen time past 8pm. Another big one is no eating 3 hours before bed – this is one of the 11 Golden Rules in our 28-day Sleep Plan which we devised last year with the help of expert sleep consultant Nick Witton. This really has been game-changing and one thing that’s helped is moving weekend dinner plans to late lunches. Oh, and I always take a magnesium glycate supplement -

4. A Wellbeing Toolkit Full Of NEOM Products Of Course

You didn’t think I’d not mention a few NEOM heroes, did you? Our collection of feel-good favourites really does have something for every mood or moment. I’ll always kickstart my day with our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser (and Shampoo and Conditioner on hair wash days). Our NEW Energy Burst Multi-Mineral Body Milk is also a must for giving a big zap of energy and a mineral boost for the skin. If you’ve not yet tried it, I’d really recommend. Most evenings, I’ll usually have a bath with either our Magnesium Bath Milks or our Multi-Vitamin Wellbeing Bath Soak – both are great for helping to soak away the stresses of the day and set me up for a good sleep. Post-bath and every night without fail, I’ll apply a generous helping of our Magnesium Body Butter too.

5. Reading Books And Listening To Great Podcasts

I’ve always been a bit of a book worm (as you’ll see if you follow me on Instagram - @nicolaelliottneom) and I’ll usually read in bed as this too helps me sleep. My current favourite read is Emma Reed Turrell’s - What am I Missing? Discover the Four Blind Spots That are Holding You Back, and How to Overcome Them. In the mornings, I’ll usually pop on a playlist and love something upbeat and energising. In fact, I also love Emma’s podcast with Elizabeth Day – Best Friend Therapy. They always talk about stuff I’m interested in.

6. Journaling... Everyday

This has been another big one for my mood and mindset and I try my best to take pen to paper every day – sometimes it’s in the morning as this helps to get me focused and guarantee a productive day but I’ll sometimes do it before bed to help clear my mind of any thoughts. I love to write down things I’m grateful for to really spark those happy hormones.

For more wellbeing tips and advice, check out Nicola's NEW book - The Four Ways To Wellbeing or follow her on Instagram - @nicolaelliottneom.