Finding time for YOU this Christmas

Festive madness is upon us...

Finding time for YOU this Christmas

Festive madness is upon us...stocking fillers hidden in the bottom drawer (or under your desk at work), nativity play in the diary, work year-end presentations to nail, social engagements flowing in (and we don't want to say 'NO').

Suzy, our self care 'go-to' and NEOM Psychologist, gave us 3, quick and easy tips for looking after YOU, when you've become bottom of the list.

No 1

Indulge your senses. Christmas cheer often has us indulging our taste buds but remember your other senses too. This can help you create micro moments of nourishment to keep you going when time is short. Enjoy a visual feast, gazing on a scene you find captivating – maybe it’s a beautifully decorated space or the Christmas lights. Flood the senses with music or scent you find uplifting – this is self-care in an instant. Nurture yourself through touch and sensation with a quick body scrub before your bath, a few drops of shower oil massaged into your decolletage or take 30 seconds to savour the feeling and fragrance of a hand balm. These are guilt-free indulgences that might also help boost your willpower when it comes to making other healthy choices!

No 2

Stretch out. The festive season has a frantic pace, making it difficult to make the usual commitment to your exercise routine. If you can’t get to the gym then just have a good stretch when you get home. Nothing fancy needed, just ease out your muscles with whatever feels good to you or follow a YouTube yoga video for inspiration. (Check out Suzy’s video here). Stretching out your body and relaxing into the sensation of your breathing also helps you to mentally unwind during a time that can have you tied into a knot! It will also help pave the way for a better night’s sleep.

No 3

I give myself permission to... You can use this mantra in all sorts of situations to create a sense of peace and ease with your decisions. Maybe it is giving yourself permission to enjoy a glass of bubbles with abandon rather than guilt stealing the joy. Perhaps it is saying ‘no’ to a night out when you really just need to replenish with a decent night’s sleep. We can also give ourselves permission to feel a certain way, because let’s face it, Christmas comes with its own unique pressures and challenges. Using this statement can take away an unnecessary layer of stress, allowing us to move through that emotion with greater ease and back to peace of mind sooner. Look out for Suzy's book The Self-care Revolution out December 28th.