Our Founder Shares Her Relaxing Nightly Routine

Here’s how Nicola chooses to unwind and why calm vibes are a must for good sleep…

Our Founder Shares Her Relaxing Nightly Routine

I never ever look or feel my best unless I’ve had a good night’s sleep – it’s the basis for everything. The older I get the more I realise that having a bedtime routine is the best thing I can do. Here are my tried and tested top tips and what works for me…


After dinner is a sacred wind-down zone. I see this time as getting space from the day’s madness and create a cosy, chilled-out vibe by lighting our Real Luxury Candle or switching on my Wellbeing Pod. I’ll usually watch TV or read but try my very best to stay away from my phone and not to fall into a social media hole. Now is absolutely not the time to be comparing and contrasting.


I always try to have a bath before bed as it really helps to let my body know it’s bedtime and I always sleep better. I’ll always use our Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam and sometimes intensify it with a few drops of one of our Essential Oil Blends. I practice mindful breathing whilst I soak to help further create a sense of calm. I’ll stay in for at least 20 minutes and lock the door from the kids which is the most important bit!


Post-bath, I love our Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Oil as it’s packed with skin-loving and super nourishing vitamins. I’ll layer it with our Magnesium Body Butter as it leaves my skin extra soft and my mind sleep-ready. For an extra treat some nights I’ll use our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle which, if you’ve not used before, is pure heaven. You can read more about it here.


From this time onwards, it’s strictly no electronics or screens. Instead, I’ll read a book. I’m loving anything by Brianna West at the moment and I’d also recommend Meg Mason’s Sorrow and Bliss.


It’s always lights out by 10:30pm for me - I get a bit twitchy if it’s any later. I’ve also bought an old school alarm clock, so I don’t have my phone by my bed. If I have my Pod on, I’ll set it to auto switch off after an hour. Lastly, it is of course a few spritz’ of our Sleep Mist.

I’d LOVE to know what your bedtime routine is so do tag me @nicolaelliottneom. We’re all so different and I love to see your inspo as much as you love to see mine.