The S Word.

Posted by Adam Meads, Aug 11, 2017

The S Word.

Wow where do I start? I wasn’t born calm. I’m a full on ball of energy, super busy, candle burning at both ends kind of girl. It’s got me into big trouble!

I’ve suffered with crippling anxiety at several times in my life, even now I see it as something I have to manage daily, never something I’m totally over. It seems I’m not alone. We conducted a very revealing NEOM Life Audit at NEOM in 2015 and it turns out that 9/10 of us are stressed, to a level that is uncomfortable. That applied to all ages, all jobs, all demographics. Scary isn’t it? But one thing I know. If you are not a naturally calm person, then you have to learn to create calm. I see this as my ‘calm toolkit’. My general wellbeing - good sleep, enough energy and my mood all contribute and that needs to be a priority at all times, but it’s nice to think I have some tools I can call upon when the dreaded stress levels rise to a not-okay level. So here’s my toolkit...

1. Fresh air - replenishes your cells with oxygen and releases endorphins. A walk is good, a run for me is even better, even if it’s short.

2. Unplug - it’s not the device itself as much as that ‘always on’ feeling it creates. Ping! Oh is that my boss? Ping! What’s the matter now? Ping! They might need me immediately….you get the gist it’s just a relentless ‘turned on’ feeling that just needs turning OFF for a few hours.

3. 7/11 breathe and reboot technique. If I feel my anxiety rising this is a lifesaver (you can do it anytime, anywhere), it lowers my blood pressure and brings me back into the moment. I carry a Scent to De-Stress On The Go Mist and use it at the same time. The 24 essential oils really help me create calm on the go.

4. Ginko Biloba - I really rate this supplement, 2 capsules daily help with regulating my mood.

5. Baths - in 10 mins I can create a calm zone in my bathroom and I honestly emerge feeling like I’ve done a personal reboot. I use the Real Luxury Candle and Bath & Shower Drops as a minimum, the oils get to work fast.

6. Caffeine & alcohol ban - stressy periods call for a complete ban, the rest of the time in moderation or feel the fallout...simple as that for me.

7. Whole food diet - It’s just common sense, but you need vitamins and minerals for your body and brain function. Deplete yourself of these and you’re asking your body to run on empty. I’m big on oily fish, avocados and complex carbs (brown rice).

So that’s my kit. It’s kind of comforting knowing I have these tools, have a go at creating yours and don’t forget to share your tips with us over on Instagram @neomorganics.