We answer your burning questions on the Wellbeing Pod Mini

It’s the latest addition to our pod family, here’s everything you need to know before you go for a mini

We answer your burning questions on the Wellbeing Pod Mini

The Wellbeing Pod Mini is the little sister to our home scent hero Wellbeing Pod, the perfect small diffuser in your scent diffuser system. But they don’t work quite the same way… one’s an air-humidifying, plug-in piece of stunning decor (Welling Pod) while the other is a charge-up and go addition for your small spaces (the Mini). Our product developer Lydia is an expert on both, here’s her guide to all the most common questions we’ve had about the Mini so far...

Where can I use it?

The Mini Pod packs a powerful punch for its size, but it is about half the size of the Wellbeing Pod, so it’s really only for those small spaces, it won’t scent your medium/big room in the same way as the Wellbeing Pod. Because it runs on rechargeable battery though it’s great as a portable diffuser and super easy to transport to different smaller rooms in your home, to use in the hallway, guest bathroom, home office or just to keep next to you.

Is it safe to use in the car?

Yes - it’s safe to use as a car essential oil diffuser, but of course we ask you to only use the settings and select your fragrance when stationary and never when driving. Once you have chosen your essential oil blend and switched on the diffuser, you can safely drive with the mini working away as a car scent diffuser. Ensure that the pod is kept secure in a cup holder so that it remains upright as if it does fall over then the oil can leak out of the machine and cause a malfunction. We also ask that you do not use any of our scent to sleep oils whilst driving as these are of course formulated to prepare you for sleep.

How does it work without water, is it ultrasonic like the main Pod?

The Mini uses nebulising or atomising technology, it is not ultrasonic. The air pressure in the nozzle that draws up the essential oil and breaks it into tiny particles that are diffused into the air neat – therefore no need for dilution in water.

What is the tool for that’s included in the box?

The black oil dropper remover tool that comes with the Wellbeing Pod Mini is for modifying your NEOM Essential Oil Blend bottle so that it screws directly into the Wellbeing Pod Mini. If you misplace your remover tool you can order a replacement one free of charge, just get in touch and quote SKU 1104004.

How do I look after my Wellbeing Pod Mini?

There’s no need to clean the inside (or clean it between fragrances) because there’s no water, and the outside can be simply wiped clean if needed. Just make sure you always use it upright on a flat surface. We do recommend some maintenance cleaning to keep your pod in the best condition – just disconnect from the power source and clean the nozzle with a soft cloth. You can also fill an empty bottle up to 75% with medicinal alcohol and running the diffuser for 1 - 2 hours to keep it in ship shape from time to time.

Use a natural medical grade alcohol, sometimes also called ‘rubbing alcohol’. Rubbing alcohol is either isopropyl alcohol or ethanol-based liquids, or the comparable British Pharmacopoeia defined surgical spirit, with isopropyl alcohol products being the most widely available.

Why don’t I need to clean it when I’m switching oils?

Because the oil is not dropped and diluted in water, there literally is no tank to clean! The diffuser nozzle goes directly into the essential oil bottle and nebulises/atomises the essential oil straight into the air so is super easy to use and switch between the fragrances you use.

How long does it take to fully charge?

As a rechargeable diffuser, the mini goes from 0 to 100% on battery charge, and takes 2-3 hours. You then get 50 hours of usage time as a cordless diffuser - that’s a whole lot of wellbeing! We recommend you charge it for 6 hours the first time you use it. We recommend using a computer, mobile phone charger or car charger.

Can I use any USB cable?

We recommend using a branded USB cable to charge the Wellbeing Pod Mini, if you misplace or break yours you can order a replacement from us for £5, just get in touch and quote SKU 1104005.

What are the product specifications?

The cable length is 1m (100cm) so you can charge it near you, but given the long battery life you don’t need to be tied to a location with a socket.

Dimensions: 69mm x 108mm

Power: 1.2W

Voltage: DC 5V

Does it humidify the air like the original Pod?

The Mini doesn’t humidify the air as it is waterless.

Does it have a light like the main Wellbeing Pod?

No the Mini doesn’t have an ambient light, just lights to indicate when it’s on/off or charging.

How loud is the Pod Mini?

27db - As the Wellbeing Pod Mini is a nebulizer, there is a slight motor noise each time the fragrance is released as it is working hard to scent the space around you, delivering the perfect amount of natural fragrance within either 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute, depending on which setting you choose.

Why can't I leave it without a bottle in it?

When you're not using your Wellbeing Pod Mini, we'd recommend keeping your Essential Oil bottle in place so you're ready to switch it back on next time you want to get that wellbeing BOOST, scenting your space with your favourite fragrance. If you decide to remove your essential oil to use somewhere else, then make sure you pop your empty bottle in place beforehand as it can become a little tricky to get into otherwise. Don't worry, if you do put the lid back on without your Essential Oil bottle attached, you can use a small toothpick, or something similar, to gently lift if back out.

What are the timer settings?

1 (On 15sec, Off 2mins 45 sec)

2 (On 30sec, Off 2mins 30 sec)

3 (On 1 min, Off 2 mins)

Is the Pod Mini safe to use around pets?

Although our products contain 100% natural fragrance, it is difficult for us to advise what effect these will have on your furry friends as we have not tested any of our products on animals. We would always recommend seeking professional advice from your vet or an animal specialist before using a new product around your home. If you're enjoying your small diffuser at home already, we recommend leaving a door or window open so that your pet can come and go as they please.

Can the Pod Mini be used around Children?

NEOM fragrances are 100% natural and are perfectly safe to use around the home. Nicola Elliott, NEOM Founder & Creative Director carefully designed the fragrances whilst keeping her children in mind as it was important to ensure that the Wellbeing Pod Mini could be enjoyed by the whole family. People can react differently to certain ingredients so if you do have any concerns, please speak with your doctor/ GP for professional medical advice.

Can other branded Essential Oils be used in the Pod Mini?

We have not tested any other Essential Oil blends in the Wellbeing Pod or the Pod Mini, so we would not advise using them. The Pod Mini is also designed for the use of NEOM essential oils therefore other brand bottles may not fit. Corrosive oils such as Citronella and other branded essential oils may cause damage to the unit. This type of damage is not covered by your warranty.

Can I mix water and oil in my bottle, to make my essential oil last longer?

Please don't mix oils with water when using Pod Mini. It is waterless unlike the main Pod, and will not work with water.