The Very Best Diffusers For Every Mood Or Moment

From our bestselling Wellbeing Pod to the best Reed Diffusers for your bedroom, here's our expert guide...

The Very Best Diffusers For Every Mood Or Moment

Looking for a new diffuser but unsure what’s best? Call us biased, but the best diffuser is one that not only fills your home with beautiful scent but that also boosts your wellbeing too and that’s exactly what you’ll get with a NEOM Diffuser. Whether you’re looking for a dreamy sleep diffuser for your bedroom or perhaps the best diffuser for your living room, here’s our expert guide to finding the best home fragrance for every mood or moment…

Table of Contents:

Best Aromatherapy Diffusers For Maxing Out On The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy diffusers work wonders for helping you to harness the wellbeing boosting powers of essential oils which is why you’ll find them packed into each and every one of our diffusers. When inhaled, essential oils work wonders for helping to spark different certain feelings which is why we’ve cleverly created different Essential Oil Blends to help address a whole host of wellbeing concerns. Whether that’s calming essential oils known to help relieve stress, relaxing ones known to help you prepare for a Perfect Night’s Sleep, energising ones known to boost energy or uplifting ones known to help with your mood. Our iconic electric diffusers are the best for helping you to personalise your scenting by letting you switch up your essential oil blend based on your mood or moment.

Our Bestselling Diffuser… As Chosen By You

Ever wondered which of our diffusers is our bestseller? Coming in at the top spot time and time again, our bestselling diffuser is the Wellbeing Pod Mini - the smallest member of our iconic Wellbeing Pod family that’s both waterless and wireless. Simply screw in your chosen Essential Oil Blend bottle and diffuse anywhere and everywhere. Oh and our bestselling Reed Diffuser? Complete Bliss from our Scent To Calm & Relax range.

The Best Diffusers For Sleep That Every Bedroom Needs

Scent can play a big role in helping you to bank a Perfect Night’s Sleep and our dreamy collection of sleep diffusers are a great way to help you unwind before bed. For those looking for a long-lasting (and hassle-free) way to scent their bedroom, go for one of our Reed Diffusers. If you’re looking for a more customisable diffuser, try our original Wellbeing Pod which works at the touch of a button and even has an auto switch-off so you can fall asleep with peace of mind. When it comes to choosing your sleep scent, our bestselling blend is Perfect Night’s Sleep which uses relaxing essential oils like lavender - a favourite for creating calm vibes. For those not into lavender, try Bedtime Hero which is fruitier.

Some Of Our Other Best Bedroom Diffusers

Looking to scent your bedroom but not with one of our sleepy scents? We’ve got plenty of other oil diffusers that also help to make your bedroom smell beautiful and bring all the zen vibes. We love our Real Luxury Reed Diffuser - not forgetting to turn the reeds every few days to keep the scent doing its thing. If you want to switch up your scents depending on the time of day, our Wellbeing Pod is the one for you. Wake up to something zingy with our Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend.

Best Diffusers To De-Stress & Create A Moment Of Calm

If it’s the best diffuser to help you destress that you’re after, go for one that’s packed with calming scents to soothe your mind. Our original Real Luxury Reed Diffuser is a fan favourite for this as it welcomes relaxing essential oils like lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine to help you feel a little more cool, calm and collected whenever you need it. Again, you could also try diffusing our Real Luxury Essential Oil Blend through your chosen Wellbeing Pod too.

The Best Bathroom Diffusers For Self-Care Moments & Guest Visitors

When it comes to the best diffuser for the bathroom, we love to go for relaxing scents you can enjoy whilst soaking in the bath or prepping for bed. Our calming favourite is Complete Bliss but if you’re wanting a more refreshing bathroom diffuser to spark some energy or uplift any visiting guests, go for our Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser. Our Wellbeing Pod Mini is also great for smaller, guest bathrooms too.

The Best Living Room Diffusers For Relaxing & Entertaining

The living room is often the heart of the home and the place you spend the most time - which means it needs to have a scent you love. Our traditional reed diffusers are one of the best options for the living room as they’ll continuously (and effortlessly) breathe our mood-boosting scents all day long. For a more customisable option you can change as and when you like, go for one of our electric diffusers. Our Wellbeing Pod family has three sizes so choose yours based on the space you’re looking to scent. Talking of which…

The Best Diffusers For Large Rooms & Open-Plan Living

When it comes to sourcing the best scented diffusers for large rooms, there’s only one that will cut it… the Wellbeing Pod Luxe. Created with open-plan living in mind, it brings the biggest scent throw and best wellbeing boost. Unlike our original Wellbeing Pod which takes 10 drops of your chosen Essential Oil Blend in the water tank, this one needs 30 but will diffuse for an impressive 12 hours.

The Best Diffusers For Smaller Spaces

Smaller spaces call for more delicate scenting options and our essential oil diffusers - particularly our Wellbeing Pod Mini is your best bet. Whether that’s your work from home office space, guest bathroom or any other smaller-sized space, it neatly tucks and diffuses our mood-boosting blends at the touch of a button. Just charge up and place it wherever you need.

The Best Diffuser For The Car & Taking On Your Travels

Talking of our Wellbeing Pod Mini, did you know it also doubles up as an essential oil car diffuser? Ideal for taking with you on the go, it sits perfectly in your car’s cup holder so you can enjoy the wellbeing benefits (and great scents) on the move. Long drives, commutes and traffic jams have never smelt so good!

The Best Diffusers For Vegans

Whether you’re vegan yourself or looking to gift someone the best vegan diffuser, rest assured that these vegan diffusers all fit the bill. With a range of different Essential Oil Blends, some of our vegan-friendly favourites include Happiness and Bedtime Hero.

The Best Diffuser Refills For Topping Up Your Favourite Reed

Sustainability is always front of mind for us at NEOM which is why we have a range of diffuser refills so you can easily refill your much-loved Reed Diffuser without buying a new bottle. Complete with fresh reed sticks too, it’s the best way to enjoy our Reeds.

Our Round-Up Of Other Best Home Fragrance Buys

Now you’re sorted with the best diffuser, let us help you to continue your home scenting with our edit of classic candles - also packed with mood-boosting essential oils so when lit, will help with wellbeing needs too. Try using the same scent as your chosen diffuser or even try layering different ones to create a more unique vibe.

Continue To Boost Your Wellbeing With NEOM

We’re big on helping you with your wellbeing which is why each and every one of our products is packed full of essential oils. Some of our other favourites include zesty lemon candles, bathing essential oils, and of course our luxury bubble bath is a must for helping you to relax and unwind.