Everything You Need To Know About Our NEW Pod Luxe

This innovative new Pod is a must-have for so many reasons...

Everything You Need To Know About Our NEW Pod Luxe

Made with large spaces and open plan living in mind, the Wellbeing Pod Luxe has nicely completed our Pod family. It’s our biggest and most powerful member and it also welcomes several new features. Here, our Senior Product Manager, Lydia tells us more…

The Inspiration

Following the success of our original Wellbeing Pod, we wanted to create a supersized version for even larger spaces. “We know that homes come in all shapes and sizes, and we knew we needed a Pod which could fill those bigger spaces with our all-natural, mood-boosting scents,” says Lydia. Think open plan living, mezzanine floors, communal offices and even special occasion spaces. “We also used this as an opportunity to make this our most luxurious Pod ever, so we decided to introduce several new features too,” she adds.

It’s taken our product team over 2 years to get this launch right and they’ve dedicated a huge amount of time to consider every detail from the functionality and safety right through to the design and sustainability – which as you’ll know is something we’re really knuckling down on at the moment.

The Sustainable Design

You’ll notice the design is very similar to our iconic Wellbeing Pod since we know you already love the simplistic and neutral aesthetic which sits nicely in any home. “The wooden base of this NEW Pod Luxe has been sustainably sourced from upcycled Hevea wood which helps us to reduce the amount of plastic we use,” explains Lydia. “The new control panel is then etched into the wooden base via a minimalist display with no buttons, but instead touch-sensitive functionality. For those familiar with the Pod already, you’ll also see that we’ve moved the cable outlet to the back of the unit as opposed to the base so that it’s easier to use and offers an improved aesthetic. The cable is also longer so it’s more suited to multiple locations around your home or chosen space,” she adds.

Another step we’re taking as a brand is to streamline all our packaging where possible, so you’ll find no shrink wrap around the Wellbeing Pod Luxe. “We’ve also made the decision to not supply all global plugs to UK customers to help reduce our plastic and packaging waste,” says Lydia. “In fact, excluding a little protection slip to prevent the batteries of our remote from draining and some security stickers that keep the Pod secure in transit, the entire packaging is fully recyclable, and the box and sleeve is made from FSC-certified board which means it’s from sustainable forests. The Pod also sits snug in an undyed, recycled fibre-board insert.”

The New Features

As mentioned, the Wellbeing Pod Luxe welcomes several new features such as a bigger water tank. “This, alongside more powerful technology, allows for stronger diffusion with a wider reach meaning it can scent large spaces in minutes,” explains Lydia. “You’re now also able to control the diffusion strength and time by choosing from a high or low misting mode and whether you’d like continuous misting or alternating misting which works on a 30 second on and 30 second off cycle. This can be easily controlled on the base of your Pod Luxe or via the new handheld remote,” she adds. “You’re also able to control the light strength and we’ve introduced a breathing mode too where you’re able to practice guided breathing techniques.”

The Best Way To Use Yours

Since the water tank is larger in the Wellbeing Pod Luxe, you’ll need more drops of your chosen Essential Oil Blend compared to what you’re using for your Wellbeing Pod. “We’d recommend using 30 drops in a full tank, but this will last you for a full 12 hours of continuous diffusion,” says Lydia. Talking of oil blends, we’d also recommend taking a look at our exclusive Precious Oil Blends which are a collection of extra luxurious scents which were created with special occasions in mind.

When it comes to using the controls, it couldn’t be simpler. The light can be adjusted on the Pod’s touch-sensitive display by pressing once for bright light, twice for dimmed light and three times for the breathing light. For this setting, try breathing in through your nose for 7 seconds and out of your mouth for 11 seconds. The light will change in time to guide you. Finally, press four times to go back to the start or hold down to switch the light off completely.

The misting settings work in a similar way. Press once for continuous misting, twice for one hour of misting, three times for two hours of misting, four times for three hours, five times for four hours, six times to go back to the start or hold for two seconds to switch the mist off.