Four Reasons To Love Our NEW Ceramic Washes

Our much-loved hand washes have had a super sustainable revamp…

Four Reasons To Love Our NEW Ceramic Washes

We’re always looking at ways in which we as a brand can become more sustainable, so we set ourselves the challenge of giving our much-loved hand washes a positive refresh. Here’s four reasons you’ll love them…


1. They’re Super Sustainable

If you aren’t already aware, we’ve set ourselves several sustainable goals which include becoming B Corp certified, ensuring we’re zero waste by 2025 and that we’re climate positive by 2030, which has meant lots of things for us, but particularly making our products as eco-friendly as possible. This was in fact the driving force behind these NEW ceramic washes which we are pleased to say are now made entirely from 100% recycled material. We’ve spent time rethinking the design and have crafted a durable (and chic-looking!) ceramic dispenser that you can reuse time and time again.


2. They’re Refillable

We’ve also made a 1 litre refill so you can top up your ceramic dispenser. The refill bottle is of course made from 100% recyclable PCR (post-consumer recycled materials – also known as non-virgin plastic) too and comes without a carton since we’re trying our very best to avoid excessive packaging. For every 1 litre refill bottle you buy, you’ll be saving 30% plastic and can top up your ceramic dispenser at least twice. Not only are you making a positive change when it comes to our planet, you’ll also save yourself £20 too.


3. They’re Available In Three Scents We Know You Already Love

Whilst the packaging has completely changed, thankfully the scents remain ones which you already know and love and have all been blended with our usual 100% natural fragrance and pure essential oils. We’ve chosen to launch the range with three of our best-selling scents. There’s Great Day which is our go-to for an uplifting, fresh and zesty scent of wild mint and mandarin. It really does bring a sense of positivity and you’ll certainly have guests comment. If you prefer more floral scents, try Complete Bliss which is infused with Moroccan blush rose but with a hint of lime and black pepper. It’s super calming and helps instill a moment of relaxation or lastly, there’s Real Luxury which is a consistent bestseller of ours and is our iconic scent of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. Whichever scent you decide, be sure to inhale the essential oils as you wash for an instant wellbeing boost. Watch this space for further scents…


4. It’s The Same Super Nourishing Formula

Like with every NEOM product, they don’t just smell great – they’re also super nourishing for your hands which is particularly helpful as we head in to winter. Each and every formula has been expertly blended with the same skin-loving ingredients to help counteract the dryness that hand washing can often cause. First up is mineral-rich seaweed which is renowned for its ability to give a deep and thorough cleanse whilst also hydrating and helping to balance the oils in our skin. Next, we use pomegranate extract as it contains natural antimicrobials to help fight bacteria which we all know is a must-have for any hand wash right now. Lastly, we use aloe vera as it’s a pure source of antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins and it helps to soothe hands making it a wise choice for hardworking hands or those prone to dryness or irritation.