Four Reasons You Should Switch To Natural Haircare

We uncover the positives of plant-powered ingredients and why your hair will love it…

Four Reasons You Should Switch To Natural Haircare

First things first, what does natural actually mean when it comes to hair products? “Natural haircare typically means it is free of parabens, silicones and sodium lauryl sulphate (the ingredient that causes those foamy bubbles),” says Stephen Buller and Anita Rice from London’s sustainable salon, Buller + Rice. “Instead, it utilises ingredients from nature that are often organically derived and biodynamically-farmed.” Here are four reasons why you won’t regret switching…

1. Your Hair Will Thank You

Our shampoo and conditioner have been expertly formulated with nourishing plant-powered ingredients that are just as effective as non-natural haircare products you may have previously been used to. Silicones can sometimes be irritating and potentially weigh your hair down. On top of this, they may also make it harder for moisture to penetrate your hair meaning you’re more likely to need regular hair washing. Using a silicone-free shampoo like ours will also help not to strip your hair of its natural oils.

“Obviously there are some hair products on the market that are super processed and heavy in synthetic ingredients which can often mean there might not be a direct natural alternative to replicate what it can do,” says Stephen. “From experience, natural products can take a while to get used to in comparison, but in the long run, it’s so worth it. Your hair can feel lighter, and you’ll also have the chance to play with your natural texture,” adds Anita, who warns to take extra care when shampooing. “Don’t overly scrub the hair as its most delicate when it’s wet.”

2. And So Will Your Scalp

Since the scalp is also part of our skin (which is the largest organ in our body), it’s important we give it the same love and care. It’s also more susceptible to certain skin disorders as there are more follicles and glands and it also has its own specific skin flora. Using formulas with milder naturally-derived cleansing agents can help prevent common concerns such as dryness and dandruff. “Your scalp is also the foundation for healthy hair so it’s super important to look after it,” says Stephen.

Inside both our shampoo and conditioner you’ll find natural algae extract which can help improve the overall condition of your scalp and give a long-lasting and clean sensation. It can also help the roots of your hair to appear visibly less oily. Great news if you’re a dry shampoo addict.

3. It’s Kind To Our Planet

Not only will your hair and scalp benefit from natural haircare, so will our planet. This is because naturally-derived and organic ingredients help to protect biodiversity. Synthetic ingredients on the other hand, are commonly derived from petroleum which is a non-renewable energy source. Silicones are also not biodegradable which is why you won’t find any in our haircare. Instead, we’ve prioritised a high inclusion of organic ingredients – 70% in our shampoo and 72% in our conditioner Inside both, you’ll find apple seed oil which is 100% natural and biodegradable, algae extract that’s produced from an eco-friendly biotechnology process and algae oil which has a low environmental footprint.

4. They’re More Sustainable

Sustainability has and always will be a focus for us at NEOM, so alongside ensuring we’re using sustainably-sourced ingredients, we’ve also paid close attention to the packaging. Our shampoo bottle is made from 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled) material and our conditioner is 100%. Both are 100% recyclable too so be sure you’re disposing of yours correctly. We’ve launched without packaging cartons to further help reduce our packaging footprint and we’ve printed directly on the bottle instead of using labels. Rest assured we’ve also manufactured both here in the UK.