Six Great Uses For Your Empty NEOM Precious Candle Jar

Need a little inspo? Here's how we're repurposing ours...

Six Great Uses For Your Empty NEOM Precious Candle Jar

Already burned through your Precious Candle? We don’t blame you… they smell divine don’t they. If you’re left wondering how to repurpose yours, here’s some inspo from us…

For bathroom storage

“I’ve already burnt through three of these lovely candles and am using them to store cotton pads, cotton buds and the other as a toothbrush holder. Not only is the Black Pepper & Bergamot my favourite scent, but the grey colouring and minimalistic design goes perfectly with my bathroom. It’s as though they were made for it!” - Lydia, Head of Product

For stashing Essential Oil Blends of course

“These pots are perfect for keeping my ever-growing Essential Oil Blend collection neatly together in one place. I leave mine next to my Wellbeing Pod in my lounge and you can easily fit 8 in there.” - Lucy, Head of Brand

For kitchen counter organisation

“I love that these candles have lids as it means they’re great for storage. You’ll find my three empty jars being repurposed as tea, coffee and sugar pots in my kitchen. The subtle pastel colours work really well with my existing colour scheme too. Win win!” - Georgie, PR Executive

For potting plants

“My flat is always full of houseplants, so I’ve been using these empty jars as an excuse to pot a few more to sit on my work from home desk. They bring me joy every day! When I’ve burnt through a few more (which won’t be long), I plan on trying to grow some herbs in them.” - Nihal, Technical Manager

For a dreamy dressing table set up

“You’ll find these everywhere in my home right now but my favourite usage for them is to store my makeup brushes on my dressing table. They beat the ones I’d bought specifically for this purpose.” - Chloe, Digital Communications Assistant Manager

For displaying flowers

“I’ve been putting dried flowers in mine and using as a vase. I had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and dressed my table with a few different variations. They were all commenting on how lovely they looked.” - Hannah, Communications & Influencer Partnerships Director