Six Ways To Use Our Much-Loved Body Scrub

Everything you need to know about this versatile favourite…

Six Ways To Use Our Much-Loved Body Scrub

Way more than just a Body Scrub, here’s six ways you can use this versatile favourite…

1. For Getting Summer-Ready Skin

With warmer weather finally upon us, it’s about time we gave our skin a little TLC. Expertly blended with organic sugar which acts as an effective (but super gentle) exfoliant, our Body Scrub works wonders for helping to remove dead skin and promote radiance. Top tip? Massage onto dry or damp skin starting at your feet and moving upwards in circular motions.

2. For Helping Dry Or Flaky Skin (And Even Blemishes)

If you suffer with dry skin on your body, it can be tempting to avoid body scrubs in fear they’re only going to make matter worse but there’s no need to worry with ours. Not only has it been cleverly created to gently polish and buff away dryness, but it’s also infused with antioxidant-rich organic jojoba oil and safflower oil to moisturise and soothe. Since our Scrub is made with 100% natural ingredients, it’s also well-suited for use on body blemishes or ‘bacne’.

3. For Paving The Way For Fake Tan

The secret to a natural-looking and seamless fake tan? It’s all in the preparation. Try using our Body Scrub the night before application as it helps to soften, smooth and hydrate. This will all help to ensure an even application and prevent streaks. Hydrated skin is also the key to a longer-lasting tan which doesn’t go patchy.

4. For Tending To Your Feet

Dry skin and cracked heels are a common hang up for most, but did you know this is because the soles of our feet lack oil glands like the rest of the skin on our body? That, and you’re probably not tending to them as much as you should. Try applying to dry feet 1-2 times a week to help banish cracked heels and prevent a build-up of dry, hard skin. Scrubbing your feet also helps refresh or revitalise the skin, which can help towards relieving any tension if you’ve been on your feet all day. Oh, and it’s also a good stress reliever.

5. For The Ultimate Manicure Prep

A lesser known, but equally great use, is that our Body Scrub is great at helping with those DIY at-home manis. Try rubbing into your cuticles to help soften and remove them. Doing this helps to eliminate any need to clip or cut them and well-maintained cuticles are a must for healthy, happy nails. You can also try applying directly to the nail as exfoliation here helps with discolouration and uneven texture which means your polish will apply better.

6. For A Sensorial Experience Morning Or Night

Last but not least, in true NEOM style, our Body Scrub is also a joy to use and helps to give your wellbeing a boost too. Both our Great Day and Real Luxury Scrubs smell divine, but each brings a different wellbeing benefit depending on your mood. For an uplifting experience and to kickstart your morning, go for Great Day which welcomes an invigorating scent of wild mint and mandarin. For a more relaxing experience before bed, try Real Luxury as it’s packed with a de-stressing blend of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood.