Five Essential Oils To Help You Sleep

Struggling to sleep? Give these all-natural blends a go...

Five Essential Oils To Help You Sleep

Struggling to sleep? You’re not the only one. In fact, when we asked over 1,000 of you, almost 70% said you had trouble sleeping and a staggering 96% are frequently waking throughout the night*.

We’re all aware of the importance of sleep when it comes to how we’re feeling day to day, but prolonged spells of rubbish sleep can mean bad news for our overall health. We’re big on establishing a consistent nightly routine (and the powers of aromatherapy) at NEOM so here are five essential oils which deserve a place in your wind-down ritual…

1. Lavender

By far one of the most popular essential oils when it comes to bedtimes, lavender is well known for helping you to unwind and feel more relaxed. Some studies (which you can read here) have even dubbed it as an excellent natural remedy for helping to treat insomnia and boost sleep quality. You’ll find it packed into our Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist which, if you’ve not tried, is a bedside staple. Just a few sprtiz’ can help you to drift off.

2. Chamomile

Another essential oil which is well known for its soothing properties, chamomile is another favourite of ours. You may be used to sipping on a sleep chamomile tea before bed, but have you thought about inhaling it through your Pod or bathing with our Bedtime Hero Bath Foam? Some studies (like this one) have reported on its successful ability to help with feelings of anxiousness.

3. Ylang Ylang

Feeling overwhelmed after a busy day? Ylang ylang could well be the answer as it can help to balance out our emotions and feelings. One study (which you can find here) showed it had an impressive ability to reduce blood pressure and pulse rate which, if high, can make it tricky to sleep. Try a few drops of this Essential Oil Blend in to your pre-bedtime bath or diffuse through your Wellbeing Pod.

4. Jasmine

Also said to help promote better sleep is jasmine. A study to back this up is this one, which showed exposure to jasmine led to greater sleep quality and reduced sleep movement. It’s also said to help with irritability so great for racing minds and aching bodies. Try our Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter after your evening bath or shower and be sure to inhale the soothing scent.

5. Patchouli

If it’s stress and burnout keeping you up at night, you may want to add this one to your list as it can help you to relax and reduce your cortisol levels. This study (on a group of emergency nurses) showed that inhalation of patchouli saw a drop in stress levels when compared with the control group. Give it a go yourself and diffuse our Perfect Night’s Sleep Oil Blend through your Pod or try dropping into your bath.

*NEOM Sleep Survey 2022, 1000 people