Your Sleep Questions Answered...

Anandi, The Sleep Guru on our Wellbeing Board.

Your Sleep Questions Answered...

We're lucky to have Anandi The Sleep Guru as part of our Wellbeing Board. We decided to bring her expertise to our twitter followers in a take over, giving customers and anyone else who struggles with sleep the chance to ask Anandi their sleep questions, here are the most asked questions...

Q I've trouble 'nodding off' as I have little time to unwind at night (with 2 little ones) tips to help when you’re time poor?

A Try legs up the wall or Viparita Karani (inverted lake) pose. It's amazing to quiet the mind and nervous system. Set your timer for 10 mins close your eyes and breathe. You can lay on the floor with legs up the wall, or on your bed. Finally do the obvious things like eat as early as possible, only herbal tea and keep off the computer!

Q When my mind won't shut down & is buzzing with thoughts; why does that happen at night & not during the day? Tips?

A At night, you're alone with your mind and if something is bugging you, it will really go for it at night. Might sound weird, but set your timer and hum like a bumble bee for 10 mins, has a tremendous soothing effect. It's called Brahmaree pranayama I put my legs up the wall and hum for 10 mins on the exhale - try it and let me know. Brahmaree quiets down all other noise in the head. At the end of the 10 mins there will be an amazing silence!

Q I struggle in the morning with tiredness and anxiety - what can I do to give myself a boost?

A I absolutely recommend some breathing. Try this ritual - change your breath, you change your nervous system. Lengthen the breath and your heart rate goes down.

Q I only get about 6 hrs sleep a night, how can I get maximum energy out of 6 hours sleep?

A If you can go to bed latest 10.30pm (10pm would be better) and get up at 6am for 30 mins meditation, that would help a lot, supplement a little sleep with meditation or breathing for 30 mins.

Q Any top tips for that more awake feeling first thing?

A Make a cup of fresh ginger and lemon tea, jump in the shower and do a vigorous body scrub. Get out of bed stretch, take some long deep breaths. Deep breathing will help you feel less sluggish.

Q I'm trying to regulate my sleep as i have random nights I just can't nod off any recommendations?

A It may depend on how relaxed you are on that day or if you're working late etc. Make sure you have wind down time. Get into a rhythm and always do some sort of meditation or breathing before bed.

Q What is Anandi's favourite sleep/bed time routine - what helps you sleep better?

A Technology off at 8pm, herbal tea, legs up wall 10 mins deep breathing and my NEOM Tranquility candle!

Q I'm a mum of an 8 week old - means lots of broken sleep, anything between 2-4 hours at a

A You need Yoga Sleep, 30 mins of Yoga sleep is worth about 3 hours of sleep. Check it out here

Q How can I make myself a morning person?

A Get to bed at a decent time, if you can at roughly the same time every night, do the same when you get up, at the same time every day. Teach your body a new routine! We really hope the tips above help you all to sleep a little better, find a new bed time routine or solve some of your sleep struggles. You can find Anandi over on her own site as well as across social media, simply search Anandi Sleep Guru.

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