Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety – A Wellbeing Guide

Want to de-stress like a pro? We’ve got you!

Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety – A Wellbeing Guide

Want to de-stress like a pro? We’ve got you!

Taking time to create calm in your life is something we passionately believe in. It helps prepare you for whatever is thrown your way and helps you take the time to put YOUR wellbeing first.

At NEOM, we like to focus on positives and use that to fuel our own natural positivity and wellbeing. We’re here to help you re-frame your stress perspective, and help you get you through stressful situations – feeling stronger, brighter and calmer.

Stress can creep up on us and can affect us in pretty much all aspects of our daily routines. Stress can also be an underlying reason for many other things such as low mood or lack of sleep, so we're help to help you keep it in check.

Get a little calm with the help of pure, natural ingredients.

Whether, spicy or sweet, calming or invigorating, there is an oil out there to suit YOU. We've got FOUR wellbeing ranges with purposefully blended essential oils which will help your wellbeing need.

So, when it comes to de-stressing and helping you feel calm, our Scent to De-Stress range has you covered. We’ve expertly blended the best oils for helping you feel less stressed and blended with natural ingredients so you can easily slot a little calm into your day (or night) with candles and mists to oils and washes.

Want to know more about the oils that have the superpower of calm? Here's our Top 5 essential oils (which feature in our Scent to De-stress range) to help you bust that stress. All you have to do is schedule a little pause in your day to inhale, absorb and boost the natural goodness for a less stressed, happier you!

essential oils for stress and anxiety - a wellbeing guide

5 Best Essential Oils for Stress


You’ll see this oil pop up a lot in our products. That’s because lavender is a bit of a wonder oil - it's got such a diverse range of benefits. It is a natural gem and one that can’t be ignored when it comes to de-stressing, relaxing and feeling calm.
Whilst it’s calming powers make it brilliant for helping you get a good night’s sleep, the fresh and floral scent may help lower that built up tension.


The sweet, sweet one of the gang with it's honey-like, intensely floral oil. Jasmine is thought to have both refreshing and rejuvenating qualities, which may help you get a shot of zen amongst the mayhem. Potent and precious, the sweet and delicate Jasmine oil makes it incredibly versatile when it comes to blending with other essential oils. We blend with 23 other special oils, to our unlike-any-other calming Real Luxury fragrance - luxuriously sweet and delicately floral.

Brazilian Rosewood

Extracted from the wood of (you guessed it!) the rosewood tree, this oil has a slightly spicy, orangey aroma, which makes it a good oil to blend with other citrus based oils. Its benefits are thought to be impressive, particularly when you feel life is getting on top of you. Rosewood oil has been linked with helping to balance mind and emotions, improve mood and reduce stress for an overworked mind.


Oh rose, how we love thee. It's been used to calm and soothe for centuries and now rose is back in Vogue. We source our rose from Morocco and the freshly picked petals are steam distilled to create a rose oil - meaning we only use the oil in its purest form for the freshest oil. It takes thousands of rose blossoms to product just a small amount of the most potent rose oil which gives it that unmistakable scent. The oil is said to have nurturing properties that many believe can relieve feelings of anxiety, and depression. It is also said to have an uplifting aroma, which can boost mental strength and may give a feeling of greater confidence in stressful situations.

It has such soothing and calming properties for the mind, body and skin, as well as having antibacterial properties too.


Hand-picked precious blossoms from the bitter orange tree are gently steam distilled for the most pure and precious oil sometimes referred to as orange blossom oil. Like rose, the scent can be uplifting whilst also calming at the same time. It is believed to help ease anxiety - so what better oil to add to our natural fragrances.

When inhaled, it is believed Neroli may help encourage the brain to release serotonin, the happy hormone, as well as reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.
Neroli is also thought to be very good for the skin, making it so GOOD for use in natural skincare products.

Using essential oils to combat stress

Using Essential Oils to Combat Stress

Inhale the aromas

Diffusers and candles are a super-easy way to inhale the hard working fragrance of essential oils. The powerful scent they release can will have everyone in the room smelling good and feeling great.

Our air diffusers allows you to put it on a timer and benefit from powerful essential oil blends quickly and efficiently.

Add in your bath or shower

For the ultimate de-stress routine, try adding a few drops of our essential oil blend into a hot bath or shower before bed to help relax your body and clear the mind of chaotic thoughts.

Indulge your body

Our body lotions combine essential oils with carrier oils (e.g. jojoba oil, shea butter, and coconut oil) – giving your skin a soothing and nourishing treat.
The routine of applying the lotion can also be part of a calming evening ritual, helping train the mind to get into a state of relaxation.

indulge your body

Tips and Tricks for Dispelling Stress

Here at NEOM, we're all about those new (as well as tried-and-tested) ways to keep your wellbeing in check. In fact during stress awareness month last April we made sure our team took a break and did a little something for their stress levels. We’ve reminded ourselves (and now you!) of them below, along with some other tips and tricks for dispelling stress.

Dark Chocolate

The Monday morning email telling us to ‘get stuck in’ to the table full of dark chocolate goodies was a big hit! An article from the Huffington post was the team’s inspiration, which suggested the chocolate can lower cortisol to reduce feelings of stress.

Feeling good with Turmeric

Try a mug of warm, spicy turmeric latte for that feel-good factor. Turmeric has been linked to a tonne of wellbeing benefits that are supposedly good for mood and stress as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

Book club

Sometimes something as simple as a good book is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to combatting a stressful day. Tune out the tech and swap the busyness of social media for a relaxing read.

Power of sleep

Feelings of stress and anxiousness can often negatively impact our sleep and memory. The power of getting the right amount of sleep to reduce feelings of stress is one not to be underestimated.

Along with numerous other tips for a good night’s sleep; such as exercise, eating well, seeking professional help when needed, you may find our guide to essential oils for sleep and mood useful too when it comes to helping you de-stress.
There is an influx of other top tips that encourage you to find a way to combat feelings of anxiety and stress. For more ideas, check out our de-stress e-book and even learn about the power of plants as a natural source of the feel-good factor!

NEOM Heroes to De-Stress

Whatever your trigger for using essential oils, our aim at NEOM is to help make you feel good in a way that is natural and our wellbeing products are all there to help you press pause on your hectic schedules. Our Scent to De-Stress range consists of carefully blended oils, which specifically aim to help conquer feelings of anxiousness and stress.

When it comes to finding a blend that’s right for you, let your body decide - the one you like the smell of most is your body’s amazing way of telling you that it’s the right one for you!