Boosting the wellness of the nation is our life’s work

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Jan 18, 2021

Boosting the wellness of the nation is our life’s work

Our aim at NEOM has always been about boosting the nation’s wellness through the small steps that make a big difference. We believe in the little moments of wellness for EVERYONE. REAL wellness moments. It’s in our DNA. And why the team come to work. We strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to nurture their wellness. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity. And, right now, this is more important than ever.

Some picture-perfect Instagram profiles will have you believe life is all about the perfect work-life balance, the perfect yoga pants, the perfect lifestyle. But we’re realists - yoga pants are meant for snuggling on the sofa and for those video meetings too! High five if you have the time for yoga, a kale juice AND meditation, all before 7 am - I don’t. But, at NEOM, we do have time to help each other. The NEOM community share their life/wellness advice and tips and share it forward, teach it forward, and pay it forward.

Our best intentions will sometimes be thwarted by the kids not going to sleep at 7 pm, by a really stressful meeting or by that last cocktail on that zoom gathering last night. Oh, and throw in a pandemic, the default state of busy, home-schooling whilst WFH (or working a double shift) - our cups are overflowing. We’re anxious about being anxious, simply tired about being tired. We’re all trying to do our best. And just because we lack the time (and/or motivation and energy and.. and...) doesn’t mean our wellness should drop off the list, in fact, it makes it even more important for us to get small steps into our day. EVERY DAY. There really is no such thing as 100 per cent balance. Life is a rollercoaster. Perfectionism is a construct. Cut yourself some slack. NEOM is here for you. Whether you’ve got two minutes for a simple energy cheat, or a whole hour for some serious self-care, we can help you.

Take it from the amazing mum who told us that "the Happiness scent REALLY helped me post-partum with my second baby. I was in a crappy place and I had Happiness candles burning through the house. That was when I realised that aromatherapy isn't something that smells nice, it can actually change how you feel.” Or from the customer who told us, “NEOM was a turning point for me, you've made a real difference to my life. Your products have helped me to rebuild my life.”

NEOM is here for you. We’re here to champion YOU and your wellness - ditch the perfect and say hello to a no B.S wellness moment today, tomorrow and beyond. We’re on this journey with YOU, and we’re not stopping until the whole nation takes a moment to stop and breathe.

To reboot, refresh and revive. Sleep and de-stress. A moment to recharge your batteries.

Join us on Instagram @neomorganics and start your wellness journey with us and our community.

If you have a no NO B.S. wellness moment why not share it and help another.

Much love,

Nicola x