Sound Bath: What Is It And Why Should You Try It?

From gaining clarity to boosting sleep, sound baths are an easy way to hack your way to instant relaxation…

Sound Bath: What Is It And Why Should You Try It?

When we’re all leading such busy lives, finding those moments of serenity and calm can sometimes seem impossible. And while we all know that practices like yoga, meditation and breathwork are great for helping us slow down and relax, it can be hard to quieten your mind when you’re running on 100mph. But what if we told you that finding that moment of relaxation when you’re feeling overwhelmed could lie not in silence – but the gentle embrace of sound?

Welcome to the world of sound baths... Are they a bit woo woo wellbeing or are they actually worth a go? Below we tap into the trend that's taking over our wellbeing spaces and social feeds and how soothing sounds may help stress to literally melt away…

What Is A Sound Bath?

"Sound baths are the name we give to holistic health sessions that involve using sound in a therapeutic way," explains Farzana Ali, a journalist turned sound bath therapist. "Sound baths work by a process called sympathetic resonance where your brainwaves match up to the slower, calming sound waves produced by instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, drums, and gongs."

An easier form of meditation for many, focusing on the soothing sounds and vibrations can help you instantly shift from feeling frazzled to deeply rested.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Bath?

The benefits of sound baths are varied. From experiencing deep relaxation and better sleep to gaining more focus and clarity on life's decisions, many people find the power of sound transformative.

As humans, we learn that danger is often accompanied by loud, harsh sounds – kick starting our heart rate and signalling us into an instant stress response. Soothing, rhythmic sounds have the opposite effect – lowering our heart and respiratory rate, bringing our bodies into a more relaxed state.

"It’s also a fantastic way to reduce stress and even deal with anxiety," Farzana adds. "I used to have a very stressful job, where I didn’t prioritise rest," she says. "I couldn’t meditate, and yoga didn’t help me switch off but the first time I tried a sound bath, it felt like I'd slept for 8 hours, I was so refreshed afterwards."

Can You Recreate A Sound Bath At Home?

For those eager to experience the magic of a soothing sound bath from the comfort of their own home, Farzana offers guidance. "If you can’t get to a class then my book 'Sound Healing: How to Use Sound to Beat Stress and Anxiety' comes with a free audio sound bath," she shares. "Alternatively, search for soundscapes using keywords such as rainfall, thunderstorms, or birdsong on YouTube. Our brains really enjoy the sounds from nature too."

While music can certainly uplift the spirit, there’s a difference between music therapy and sound healing. "Listening to your favourite album and songs and dancing around is also good for your health, but that’s more music therapy than sound healing," Farzana explains.

When Is The Best Time To Participate In Sound Bathing?

As for the "rules" of sound bathing, there are none set in stone. "You can enjoy the benefits of sound healing at any time," Farzana says. "In the morning it can set you up for the day, in the afternoon it can leave you feeling mentally refreshed, while in the evening it’s the perfect way to decompress and prepare your body for sleep."

However, there is one precaution to keep in mind – "If you wear a pacemaker, then in-person sessions are not suitable as the vibrations of the instruments could interfere with the device," Farzana cautions.

Ready to recreate a sound bath session at home? Creating a calming space is key – but luckily, NEOM can help you out with that. So, close your eyes, open your heart, and let the soothing symphony of sound wash over you…

Your Essential Sound Bath Kit

NEOM Complete Bliss Candle

Scent your space with our Complete Bliss Candle. The soft floral scent combined with warming black pepper helps to create a grounding and safe cocoon of calm.

Eye Mask

Most sound bath therapists will ask you to close your eyes throughout the entire session, to allow your sense of sound to tap in without any distractions. If you’re someone who initially finds it hard to close down your mind, wearing an eye mask throughout the sound bath can help create a dark, soothing space.

NEOM Calming Pen

To take the benefits of your sound bath with you throughout the day, apply our relaxing Calming Pen to your pulse points at the start of your session. Then, when life starts to get busy again, reapply throughout the day to create micro moments of calm. Simply close your eyes, take a few breaths and instantly transport yourself back to that feeling of total relaxation.

Check out Farzana's instagram - @thesoundtherapist or preorder her book - Sound Healing: How to Use Sound to Beat Stress and Anxiety.