Ethical Marketing Policy


At NEOM, it is important to us that you trust and value all of our marketing communications, whether it be our tips and advice, the latest products or our offers and promotions. As such, our NEOM marketing team operate by an Ethical marketing policy and assess all our updates against it. If you are interested in what Ethical marketing means to us, here it is.

1. Market Research

We occasionally carry out market research so we can gain a better understanding of our customers. By doing this, we hope to engage our wonderful community to get valuable feedback about our amazing wellbeing boosts as well as our social and environmental responsibility. In order to do this ethically, we recognise our responsibility to obtain voluntary and informed consent from you prior to any participation and we always inform you so that you can withdraw at any point.

2. Ethical Advertising

When using key segments to make our marketing more appealing, relevant and timely, for you, we will ensure we do not target vulnerable customers. We take this very seriously and for us, are defined as those who may be susceptible to economic, physical or psychological harm as a result of economic changes in which we are fully respectful of.  All new pieces of marketing will be assessed against our own internal Ethical Advertising Checklist.

3. Accuracy of claims

Our aim is to always ensure our advertising is conducted ethically and is never deceptive, comparative or misleading. Our advertising is therefore never untruthful, and our claims are always accurate. We would not exaggerate any claims either – particularly those which are difficult to objectively assess.

4. Online marketing

Our online marketing is also ethical in every way. We ensure all our communications are clearly identified as commercial as well as if there are any conditions which must be met in order to qualify for promotional offers or competitions as detailed in the T’s and C’s in our communications to you.

5. Ethical Marketing Checklist

All new communications are passed through our Ethical Marketing Checklist.

We are also part of The Thoughtful Marketing movement, designed for brands to join togetherin an effort to make marketing a little more thoughtful. If you wish to opt out of emails during certain times like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day just let us know and we won’t send you anything.

6. Trust

It’s important to us that you trust and value our advice, tips and wellbeing support we offer through our marketing and as such we will never engage in deceptive or disguised marketing, and we never use manipulation of online forums. That’s our promise to you.