The future of home fragrancing

Whatever your wellbeing need, the NEOM Wellbeing Pod works at the touch of a button, helping you achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood boost or more energy through our 100% natural Essential Oil Blends. Our signature white ceramic cover now complements an upcycled light wood base, touch sensitive display, breathing mode and more…

Night Light

A light for guided breathing or as a night light that is dimmable.

Breathing Mode

Set to ‘breathing mode’ and the light will work to help you with a guided breathing sequence.

In for 7 seconds and out for 11 will help create an ultimate moment of calm.

Sustainably Made

Crafted with a bespoke gravure ceramic cover and a sustainably sourced upcycled wooden base, our Wellbeing Pod will scent your spaces and look chic whilst doing it.

Supercharge your Wellbeing

Supercharge your wellbeing from morning until night; the Wellbeing Pod delivers the perfect amount of fragrance for up to 7 hours.