Five Reasons Why You Need A NEOM Essential Oil Diffuser

Everything you need to know about our three much-loved Wellbeing Pods…

Five Reasons Why You Need A NEOM Essential Oil Diffuser

Well renowned for their ability to electronically diffuse our all-natural Essential Oil Blends, our collection of Wellbeing Pods has grown to a family of three since our original launched five years ago. Unsure whether they’re for you? Here are five reasons why a NEOM Pod is a must-have…

1. They Will Boost Your Wellbeing

Undeniably one of the best things about our collection of Wellbeing Pods is that they help to give your wellbeing a boost thanks to our expertly blended Essential Oils which harness the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy. “By diffusing our 100% natural Oil Blends through your Pod, you’re able to reap the many rewards through inhalation,” says our technical manager, Nihal Gulsan. “When you inhale essential oils, it can have a positive effect on your limbic system - AKA the emotional part of your brain. Different essential oils bring different benefits which is why we’ve carefully selected different ones to suit different wellbeing needs,” she adds.

With 10 different mood-boosting blends, we’ve got something to help with every feeling, emotion or moment in your day so whether you struggle with sleep or stress, are lacking energy or perhaps just need something to feel a little brighter, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find calming blends such as Real Luxury, energising blends such as Feel Refreshed, uplifting blends such as Happiness and sleepy blend such as our bestselling Perfect Night’s Sleep and Bedtime Hero. Discover more about each here and switch yours to match your mood. Our favourites? We like to kickstart our day with Feel Good Vibes, beat the afternoon slump with Focus The Mind, wind down after a busy day with Complete Bliss and then prepare for bed with Perfect Night’s Sleep.

2. They Beautifully Scent Any Space

Alongside the impressive wellbeing benefits, our Pods also work wonders for bringing long-lasting scent into your home, office or whichever space you decide to use yours. Whilst you may be choosing your Essential Oil Blend based on your wellbeing needs, many also pick theirs based on their preferred smells. This is another great way of setting the tone and creating a specific atmosphere. Our 10 original Essential Oil Blends are best thought of as the mood-boosters, but they also scent wonderfully too. In addition to these we also have six Precious Oils which are great for giving an extra special scenting moment. Whether you’re a fan of light fruity or floral scents or perhaps something stronger and more intense, take your pick from these six.

3. We Have Three Different Sizes

We launched our original Wellbeing Pod back in 2018 and it quickly grew into a must-have for so many homes which was the intended use. After a while, we noticed there was a need to expand our Pod family to bring you different sized Pods which you could use in different ways. If you’re not familiar with our two new members (the Pod Mini and Pod Luxe) or haven’t yet got your hands on them, here’s everything you need to know …

The Wellbeing Pod Mini

Best for small spaces

The waterless and wireless member, this Pod is ideal for scenting your guest bathroom or work from home office, but it’s also great for taking with you on-the-go or for using in your car. Simply charge it up, screw in your chosen Oil Blend and it’s good to go.

The Wellbeing Pod

Best for medium spaces

The original and longest standing member, this one is well suited for scenting every room in your house - from your lounge or kitchen to your bedroom or hallway. Add 10 drops of your favourite NEOM Oil Blend into the water tank and it will scent for up to 6 hours.

The Wellbeing Pod Luxe

Best for large spaces

The newest (and largest) member of the family, The Pod Luxe brings the biggest wellbeing boost and was designed with large spaces in mind. Well suited to open plan living, it’s also our most high-tech with several advanced features. You’ll need 30 drops for this one, but it will last an impressive 12 hours and we’ve just introduced four of our bestselling scents in NEW 30ml jars too.

4. They Have Several Other Features Too

Not only do each of our Pods work slightly differently, but they also all have several different features too. The original Pod also has a warm light setting which is great for bringing ambience or perhaps even using as a reading light at night. You’ll also find it has four timer settings for constant, 1-hour, 2-hour or 3-hour diffusing after which it will then stop. This makes it great for use at night so you can drift off and not worry about needing to switch it off. The Pod Luxe welcomes similar features but also has a unique breathing mode option as well as adjustable diffusion intensity and a handheld remote so you can control yours from afar. Both the original and the Pod Luxe have a similar aesthetic with a minimalistic ceramic white cover which will sit nicely in any interior. When it comes to our Pod Mini, its standout feature is that it’s both waterless and wireless so it’s easily moveable. You’ll also notice the design is different and that there are two colourways – a soft nude and a patent black.

5. We’ve Got Plenty Of Offers Right Now

Whether you’ve already got one of our Pods and are looking to complete the family or are perhaps yet to experience the magic of one, you’ll be pleased to know now is a great time to make the investment. Explore all of our current offers here.