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Aromatherapy Candles to Help You Sleep

So many of us struggle with getting a good night’s sleep but our collection of sleep candles harness the powers of natural aromatherapy to promote bedtime relaxation. Our candles are crafted from natural wax and luxurious essential oils.

With two signature sleepy scents, Perfect Night’s Sleep and Bedtime Hero, both work wonders as part of your nightly wind down routine.

Perfect Night’s Sleep is a collection of aromatherapy candles that are blended with the classic calming scent of English lavender, precious jasmine and sweet basil. Lavender scented candles are known for increasing relaxation and calm which can then help you to sleep better. Jasmine also has a natural soothing effect whilst sweet basil can reduce feelings of stress and also help you sleep. 

Bedtime Hero is for those who would like a scented sleep candle that’s not blended with traditional lavender. This ultra calming candle instead welcomes fruiter notes of sweet chamomile, spicy ylang ylang and warming cedarwood. Chamomile can help to promote sleep whilst ylang ylang sleep candles can help you to unwind.

A Sleep Candle for Every Evening

Sleepless nights can follow you everywhere you go, but our scented sleep candles come in three different sizes meaning they’re ideal for use at home or for taking away with you. If you’re traveling, our small travel candles let you take our relaxing scent with you. Smaller bedrooms can use our classic 1 week sleep candle and larger sleeping spaces should opt for our 3 wick candle.

Give the Gift of a Peaceful Night

If you’re looking to help someone get a Perfect Night’s Sleep, a scented sleep candle is the perfect gift. To really boost their relaxation, pair our candle with a soothing sleep diffuser that can continue the scent long after the candle and into the night. For a final boost in helping them to sleep, our luxurious sleep mist will mean our calming scent is the last thing they smell before drifting off.

Achieve Your Wellbeing Goals with NEOM

We aim to promote your wellbeing through our range of aromatherapy products. From gorgeous reed diffusers, and to our bestselling electric diffusers, to and hydrating skincare and bodycare, relax and unwind with NEOM.