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Create an Aromatherapy Haven with 3 Wick Candles

Just like the rest of our complete collection of candles, our 3 wick candles beautifully scent any space. Expertly blended with our 100% natural essential oil blends, they not only bring a beautiful scent but each blend also helps to boost your wellbeing thanks to their aromatherapy benefits. 

Our lavender candles make for dreamy bedroom candles and the perfect companion to your nightly wind-down routine. For living room candles, try our jasmine candles which are packed with calming essential oils like lavender and jasmine to really bring those zen vibes and help to create a moment of calm. For something a little more invigorating and uplifting, light a citrus candle during the day to boost your mood.

3 Wick Candles for Natural Home Fragrance

Our 3 wick candles are a must-have for those wanting to uplift their home with natural fragrance and fill any space with the aroma of essential oils.

Not only are our bestselling blends created with 100% natural and mood-boosting essential oils, but the wax in our 3 wick candles is naturally-derived from soy, rapeseed, and beeswax. The result? The ultimate experience of bliss. Simply light one of our aromatherapy candles and enjoy the beautiful scent AND a wellbeing boost.

Treat Them to Self-Care with 3 Wick Candles

Our 3 wick candles make the perfect self-care treat to yourself but also work wonders as gifts for family and friends. Our citrus candles are great summer candles  to gift in the warmer months or try our deeper fragrances found in our winter candles and cozy fall candles for the ideal atmosphere ready for the holidays.

Create the ultimate home scenting gift set with a beautiful 3 wick candle paired with matching reed diffuser for a luxury home fragrance duo they’ll love. For a gift to really help them relax, try our 5-star rated sleep mist with a 3 wick candle to give them a spa-like experience from the comfort of their own home.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing with NEOM

NEOM brings a much-needed touch of luxury into any home, all with the help of our iconic (and 100%) natural fragrance blends. With a complete collection of electric diffusersrelaxing bath foams and travel candles we’ve got something for all of your wellbeing and home scenting needs.